GAPBS Conference 2014


GAPBS 2014 Keynote Presentation and Collateral Materials 

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Using Coaching to Support Fidelity…
From Preschool to High School…

GAPBS 2014 Presentations and Collateral Materials 

2014 Taming the Wild Ones 

Achieving Success with PBIS- A Teachers Role – Newton High School

Best Practices in Training Caregivers to Implement Behavioral Interventions

Brief Home-Based Data Collection of Low Frequency Behaviors

CBT In the Home 

Coaching- Kephart and Bice
Kephart and Bice Contact Information
Worksheet-Braiding Initiatives

Creating an Individualized Positive Reinforcement Menu 

Culturally Responsive Classroom
Circles of My Multicultural Handout
Identity Cards Images Color
Influences on Identity Cards
Identity Questions
Culturally Responsive Classroom Prezi Presentation

Data Share Advisement Lesson

Differentiation in the GNETS Classroom

Forced Choice Reinforcement Menu

Fortifying the Front Line

Free Rewards 4 Students and Staff

1 – BIP Template
1 – FAST
1 – FBA Template
1a – BIP Template EXAMPLE
1a – FBA Template EXAMPLE
1b – BIP Template CHEAT SHEET
1b – FBA Template CHEAT SHEET
ABC Data Tool
BIP Fidelity Template
FBA BIP Checklist

Interconnecting Precision Teaching SWPBIS and Music Therapy

Interspersal Procedures and High-Preference Strategies to Increase Academic Performance and Task-Oriented Behaviors

LGBTQ Language and Identity 101

Mental Health and Its Effects on Positive Behavior for Economically Disadvantaged Students

My Life As an Autistic

Partnerships for Success
Partnerships for Success Evaluation
Partnerships for Success – Saylor

PBIS 101-Tara Davis

PBIS Faculty Ownership
PBIS Faculty Ownership – Expectations
PBIS Faculty Ownership-Mentor Check-in

PBIS In An Alternative Setting
PBIS in an Alternative Setting
Successful Implementation of PBIS in An Alternative Setting

PBIS Rollout

PBS De-Escalation

Powerful Collaboration

Practical Strategies That Work With Challenging Behavior
Practical Strategies – Behavior Action Plan
Practical Strategies That Work With Challenging Behavior

RAMbassadorsS: Students Leadership at Newton High School

School Climate, Student Discipline, and Public-Private Partnership

Self Determination and Student Led IEPs

Self-Monitoring Strategies for Improving Classroom Engagement of Secondary Students

STOIC Classroom Management

Stress Management for School Personnel

Successful Implementation of PBIS in an Alternative School
Boys Town
Bus Expectations
Cafeteria Behavioral Expectations
Mountain Creek Classroom Expectations
Mountain Creek Hallway Expectations
Restroom Expectations
Using the Competing Behavior Model

Supporting the Readiness Implementation Monitoring of PBS

SWPBS in Preschool – Training, Data and Lessons Learned

Tier One Interventions at Tier Three

Whole Body Learning
Children’s Books for Teaching About Feelings, Moods and Emotions
Importance of Language in Positive Behavior Support
Whole Body Learning Presentation Handout