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Humphrey Fellowship Program: Dr. Nehemias Calel Güox

The CLD would like to congratulate and offer a renewed welcome to Dr. Nehemias Calel Güox. Dr. Calel is a pediatrician from Guatemala and has served the Assistant Director at the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security. His fellowship as part of the Humphrey Program is being extended through early June for a total of 12 weeks… more »


Each year, March is recognized as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

In 1987 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed March Developmental Disabilities Month. Back then, the goal was to destigmatize developmental disabilities.

Many don’t realize the abilities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). By showing examples of people with developmental disabilities thriving alongside people without, we… more »

Susanna holding her grandchild. Both smiling, outdoors.

Staff Spotlight – Susanna Miller-Raines

Meet Susanna Miller-Raines, the Operations Coordinator at CLD!

Susanna has been at the CLD since February 2012, making it the longest she’s been at one job. Covering many roles at the Center, Susanna is in charge of internal and external communications. She is also the Project Manager for CLD’s Model Demonstration Transition Programs for Students… more »

CAC Member – Paige McKay Kubik

Meet Paige McKay Kubik, one of CLD’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) members!

Paige has been a member of the CAC since June 2016. She joined the Frazer Center in January 2014 as Chief Executive Officer. Founded in 1949, Frazer Center is an Atlanta nonprofit that fosters inclusive communities where children and adults, with and without… more »

Broadening Our Understanding of ASD in Girls ~ by Kate Forster

It is widely accepted that boys are four to five times more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than girls are, and that for children at the high-functioning end of the spectrum, the gender ratio is estimated to be 10 to 1. However, little is known about why this is the case… more »

Center for Leadership in Disability Offers Parent Academies to Caregivers Across Georgia

The Center for Leadership in Disability (CLD) is leading a series of Parent Academies that are focused on caregivers of children, ages three to five, who demonstrate persistent challenging behaviors. The goal of the Academies is to teach participants about positive behavior and visual supports strategies that will prepare them to address their child’s challenging… more »

USDA Forestry Service Autism Grant

Center for Leadership in Disability receives grant from USDA for autism research

Atlanta, GA. – The Center for Leadership in Disability (CLD), located within the School of Public Health’s Center for Healthy Development (CHD) at Georgia State University (GSU) is pleased to announce it has received a $160,650 grant from the 2016 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest… more »

My Voice. My Participation. My Board.

Leadership Training for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Are you a person with an intellectual or developmental disability? Have you ever been in a meeting where you had trouble understanding what was going on? Are you interested in being on a board of directors or an advisory council? Do you want… more »