CAC Spotlight – Sheetul Wall

Posted On January 22, 2020
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Meet Sheetul Wall, one of CLD’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) members!

Sheetul Wall is our current Community Advisory Council Chairperson. Sheetul has been a member of the CAC since 2013. She is the mother two daughters, one of whom is a young woman with Down syndrome. She is also a Trial Attorney with the Civil Division in the Department of Justice, a leader at the local and state level advocating for persons with various disabilities. She is a founding member of the GOALS Program at Columbus State University (CSU), an inclusive postsecondary education program. She is an adjunct professor of Special Education Law in the graduate school at CSU. She was born in India, came to the US at a young age, and is now a naturalized US citizen. Sheetul has known and admired the work of the CLD for almost a decade. She appreciates the passion the staff bring to the work they do by helping Georgians with disabilities be fully included and welcomed within their communities. The three adjectives that Sheetul thinks best describe her are compassionate, funny, and goal-oriented.

Thank you, Sheetul, for all you do for the CAC!