Infusing Cultural Competence Training into Disability Leadership Program: Perceptions and Recommendations

Posted On November 13, 2019
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By Emily Graybill, Rachel Esch, Stephanie Baumann, Erin Vinoski, Steve Truscott, Brian Barger, Mark Crenshaw, & Daniel Crimmins from the Center for Leadership in Disability


The current study looked at the cultural competence curriculum in LEND programs.


A LEND trainees from across the country were surveyed about their experience with cultural competence training.


Our results suggested that LEND trainees wanted more training about cultural competence. Also, we learned that LEND trainees wanted more guest speakers, media, and interactive activities such as discussions or group work.


Although LEND trainees reported that they received a lot of cultural competence training in their LEND programs, they also reported wanting more cultural competence training.


Future Research
The study should be done again with a larger and more racially/ethnically diverse group of LEND trainees. Focus group discussions could be added to better understand how the LEND trainees feel about the topic.