Staff Spotlight – Miyah Sundermeyer

Meet Miyah Sundermeyer, a Research and Project Assistant at CLD!

Miyah joined the CLD in October 2014, and currently serves as a Research and Project Assistant. She enjoys being able to use her skills acquired from her Associate’s Psychology degree, and is currently in process of earning her Bachelor’s. Miyah hopes to continue her work and one day become a researcher. She was born and raised in Minnesota, and has two sisters. Miyah has lived in Atlanta the past 15 years, and shares her home with Apple Jack, her cat. She enjoys attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta, traveling, learning, vlogging, and spending time with friends. Recently, Miyah was recognized for her contributions to the “Taking Flight” Atlanta Worldport Autism Tour program, hosted by Delta Airlines at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. A major goal Miyah is currently working towards is to have her blog series “Hello World with Miyah” become a brand which can be found on YouTube and the web. The three words she’d use to describe herself are: Charismatic, Self-determined, and Adventurous.

Thank you, Miyah, for all you do for the CLD!