CAC Member – Paige McKay Kubik

Meet Paige McKay Kubik, one of CLD’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) members!

Paige has been a member of the CAC since June 2016. She joined the Frazer Center in January 2014 as Chief Executive Officer. Founded in 1949, Frazer Center is an Atlanta nonprofit that fosters inclusive communities where children and adults, with and without disabilities, gather, learn, and flourish. “Being part of the CAC introduces me to cutting-edge ideas and new tools” Paige states. CAC membership has also connected her with resources and colleagues who can help as the Frazer Center looks to implement new strategies she’s learned about through the CAC. Paige also “think[s] it’s important that, as a direct service provider, Frazer Center can provide input to the CLD about the real-life implications and implementation challenges of emerging ideas and practices.” Paige was born in Valley, Alabama and moved to Atlanta in 1989. She loves hiking and the outdoors, and enjoys being in a state with such diverse geography…the North Georgia mountains, the coast and the barrier islands, swamps and lakes, pasture land and historic cities. The three words she’d use to describe herself are: Positive, Persistent, and Resourceful.

Thank you, Paige, for all you do for the CAC!