CAC Spotlight – Nandi Isaac

Posted On March 29, 2018
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Meet Nandi Isaac, one of CLD’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) members!

Nandi has been a member of the CAC since 2014. She likes being a part of the CAC as her goals mirror the mission of the CAC: for individuals to be employed, independent, and advocating for themselves and others. Looking back on her own path through life and school education, she recognizes the giant steps that have been taken with now multiple college campuses offering Inclusive Post-Secondary Education programs. She says this progress “gives me hope and the energy to keep on advocating for a better future for us all.” Nandi was raised in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Georgia, and has lived in Macon, GA since 1996. Of her neighborhood, she notes that the “peaceful, quiet lifestyle in Macon really suits me. I love the feeling of belonging, in my close-knit community.” Nandi loves to dance and exercise, and enjoys many sport activities, board games, participating in Chorus, and volunteering.

Thank you, Nandi, for all you do for the CAC!