Center for Leadership in Disability Presents 2017 Autism Plan for Georgia Achievement Award

Posted On June 2, 2017
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The Center for Leadership in Disability (CLD) and the Autism Advisory Council for the Autism Plan for Georgia (APG), are pleased to announce Gregory D. Abowd, DPhil as the recipient of the 2017 Autism Achievement Award. The award was presented at the third annual Autism Conference and Expo, held in Atlanta on May 3rd and 4th with more than 400 participants.

The APG Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has made significant positive contributions to the lives of individuals with autism and their families in Georgia.

The award recognized Dr. Abowd’s contributions as an academic researcher, founder of the Atlanta Autism Consortium, commitment to bringing together stakeholders from across the country, and parent.

Daniel Crimmins, PhD, Director of the Center for Leadership in Disability (CLD) presented the award.

“It is my great pleasure to honor Dr. Abowd for his work” said Crimmins. “This is deserved recognition that gives us the opportunity to acknowledge Gregory’s deep commitment to creating a more inclusive environment for all.”

Abowd is a Regent’s Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is particularly known for his work in ubiquitous computing, where he has made contributions in the areas of automated capture and access, context-aware computing, and smart home technologies. He has developed applications for health care systems, education, the home, and individuals with autism. Abowd’s personal motivation towards research in autism and technology comes from his three children – two sons with autism.

“I was incredibly flattered and surprised to receive this year’s Autism Achievement Award,” said Dr. Abowd. “It’s wonderful to be a part of a consortium that recognizes the importance of community and produces a forum where people can come, learn and communicate in a safe environment.”

In 2008, Abowd founded the Atlanta Autism Consortium (AAC), a non-profit dedicated to enhancing communication and understanding across the varied stakeholder communities connected to autism.

For a full profile of Dr. Abowd, visit: Gregory Abowd

The Center for Leadership in Disability (CLD) convenes the Autism Advisory Council and served as the lead developer of the Autism Plan for Georgia. CLD is a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD), administratively located within the Center for Healthy Development and the School of Public Health at Georgia State University (GSU).