CLD Faculty Publication: Building Self-Determination Through Inclusive Extracurricular Programs

Posted On June 1, 2017
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Congratulations to the Center for Leadership in Disability faculty members Emily Graybill, PhD, Andrew Roach, PhD, and former CLD Research Associate, Erin Vinoski for their collaborative article ‘Building Self-Determination Through Inclusive Extracurricular Programs’ was recently republished by SAGE Journals, and currently has the distinction of being the second most downloaded article in Teaching Exceptional Children.

The article highlights how extracurricular activities provide students a range of rich experiences that influence their academic achievement, leadership and communication skills, and career paths. Students with disabilities (SWDs) historically have had limited access to extracurricular programs and thus fewer opportunities for academic, social, and vocational development. Educators and administrators need to understand the importance of inclusive extracurricular activities and also how to successfully implement these programs. The theory of self-determination can help guide the development and implementation of inclusive extracurricular activities.

To read the complete published article, you may access it here: