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Georgia Winter Institute (GWI) is the antidote to systems level thinking that too often casts people with disabilities as problems to be solved. Attendees at GWI 2015 will hear from a diverse set of community leaders about how communities can become stronger by including the gifts, talents, and contributions of people with disabilities.

GWI 2015 will be held in Columbus from January 24th to the 28th, bringing together 100 to 200 representatives from state agencies, service providers, advocacy groups, faith communities, business leaders, civic organizations, people with disabilities and their families. We will learn more about building communities that include and engage all citizens. GSU student participants will learn best practices in leadership, how to work with stakeholders to build and sustain inclusive communities, and ways to support lives well-lived for people who have too often been left out. We will all develop strategies to build caring communities that include all citizens, including those who have historically been left out. Attendees will return to their communities with strategies to create caring cities across the state.


The goal of this crowd-funding project is to provide scholarships for ten (or more) GSU students to attend GWI. They will have the chance to interact closely with GWI faculty and other participants, gaining tools and strategies to build caring communities that include all citizens. A previous participant described it as a “life changing experience that will change forever how I work with people with disabilities – understanding that they have historically been left out, yet have much to offer.”

Your contribution will provide the opportunity of a lifetime to the future leaders of the statewide disability movement. This is an “optional” activity for students that they are unlikely to have budgeted for. Yet, they have so much to gain from it. GSU students will meet state leaders, policy makers, and advocates in their fields of study. The will learn new ways of thinking about their future professions and how they might work in coalitions to accomplish change. GSU alumni who have participated in past years have moved on to careers with the Georgia Department of Public Health, the CDC, the Marcus Autism Center, and Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine. Participation in community engagement events like GWI has been integral to their success in their chosen fields.

Our campaign goal of $5000 will pay for cover conference registration, hotel and meal costs for ten (10) GSU students to attend GWI. Additional monies will allow us to support additional student, either this year or next.