Photo of Milestone Moments booklet

National Public Health Week: Be Healthy From the Start

The Center for Leadership in Disability recently completed a project investigating the use of CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. (LTSAE) Milestone Moments materials in underserved parents at risk for child maltreatment. The LTSAE Milestone Moments materials were designed to and have achieved the goal of reaching a range of audiences in order to increase awareness of developmental milestones, the importance of early intervention, and the ability of all involved to communicate concerns about a child’s development, and to help children be healthy from the start. The Milestone Moments materials help parents and professionals better understand developmental milestones, and what action to take if they feel their child is not achieving the milestones. We examined the effect of home vs. early care program delivery, and single session vs. multiple session delivery at home. Among the lessons learned in these studies was that the Milestone Moments booklet was consistently rated as interesting, engaging, and relevant.

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