2013 GAPBS Conference Materials

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Wednesday Presentations


Building Strong Parent-Child Interactions Through Skills-Based Parent Education – Meister
SafeCare_PCI Skills_Meister

Developing Mutual Respect, Cooperation and Responsibility in YOUR CLASSROOM – Covin
Positive Discipline_Covin

Engaged Students Learn – Cofer & Williams
Engaged students LEARN!_Cofer

It Takes Attention- The Brain, Behavior and Self Perception: Insights for Caring About Children – McNelis
It Takes Attention – The Brain, Behavior, and Self Perception_McNelis

Learn About the Preschool-Wide Evaluation Tool (PreSET)  – Graybill
Preschool-Wide Evaluation Tool_Graybill

Moving Through Classroom Transitions in Child Care Settings – Graybill
Moving Through Classroom Transitions in Child Care Settings_Graybill
Transition Strategies Provided by Attendees_Graybill

Pre-Service Teacher Preparation for PBIS Implementation – Drawdy and Howerter
Pre-Service Teacher Preparation for PBIS_Drawdy_Howerter

Social Emotional Teaching Strategies from CSEFEL – Bond
Social Emotional Teaching Strategies from CSEFEL_Bond

Technology Makeover: Streamlining the Provision of ABA. Save Time & Money While Increasing Accuracy, Access & Security – Lund
Technology Makeover Handouts_Lund

Using Preference Assessments & Pairing to Motivate Early Learners in a School or Preschool Setting – Eshleman
Using Preference Assessments & Pairing_Eshleman

Using the Pyramid Model for Promoting Social Emotional Competence in Young Children – Vail
Using the Pyramid Model for Promoting Social Emotional GAPBS presentation 2013_Vail

V. Mark Durand, PhD Keynote Materials
Durand Keynote

How to Use Optimism Training with Teachers and Parents – Durand
Durand Breakout

Motivational Assessment Scale – Crimmins & Durand
Crimmins and Durand MAS


Thursday Presentations

The ABC Model of Behavior – Graybill
BBQuIP_Function Intervention Matrix_Graybill_Cavin_Johnson

A-Z Strategies for Solving Problem Behavior: 26 Tips for Teachers – Hebenstreit & Barineau
A-Z Strategies for Solving Problem Behavior_Hebenstreit

Barbara Doyle Large Group Session “Prioritizing Safety to Achieve Quality Lifetimes” Materials
Prioritizing Safety to Achieve Quality Lifetimes[3]
And Justice for All
Safety In Society
Behavioral Prioritization Grid
Ten Essential Skills for a Safe and Independent Life
Objective vs Subjective

Barbara Doyle Closing Keynote
Barbara Doyle Closing Keynote Materials 

BE SAFE Interactive Screening Handouts

Eight Things Your Child Can’t Live Without – Echols-Powell
Eight Things Your Child Can’t Live Without

Changing the MindSet for Safety – Eskut
Changing the MindSet for Safety_Eskut[1]

Cooling the Brew with De-Escalation Strategies – Eskut

Cooling the Brew with De-Escalation Strategies_Eskut

Teachers Aren’t the Only Ones That Should Work – Eskut
Teachers Aren’t The Only Ones Who Should Work_Eskut

Getting Ready for Camp: Planning and Preparing Your Child for a Camp Experience – Miller

Getting Ready for Camp_Miller

Home & School = Success – Floyd
Home & School = Success_Floyd

Behavior Thermometer – Floyd
Behavior Thermometer_Floyd

Implementing PBIS Into a Public School Program for Students with Disabilities – Flanagan
Implementing PBIS in a Public School Program for SWD_Flanagan

Implementing SWPBIS with High Poverty Students – Stegall
Behavioral Expectation Matrix_Stegall
Classroom Golden Tiger Cash Rewards_Stegall
GES ROAR location posters_Stegall
Implementing SWPBIS with High Poverty Students_Stegall
PBIS Kickoff 2013_Stegall
PBIS Rationale for student not to attend celebrations_Stegall

Navigating the New Waters Planning for Transition to Inclusive Post-Secondary Education – Arno & Miller
Navigating New Waters_Arno&Miller

No Money?? No Problems!! Solving Problem Behaviors with the Use of Visual Supports – Barineau
No Money NO Problem_Barineau

Partnerships for Success: Improving School Experiences – Saylor
Partnerships for Success GA PBS_Saylor

Youth Self-Determination and Leadership. Plan. Lead. Succeed.  – Lee
Self-Determination and Leadership_PBIS_Lee
YIC Lesson for Decision Making_Lee
YIC Lesson for Gift Identification_Lee
YIC Lesson for Goal Setting_Lee
YIC Lesson for Graphically Dream_Lee
YIC Lesson for Solution Circle_Lee

Teaching the REAL Social Skills – Zaring
Teaching the REAL Social Skills_Zaring

Transforming School Culture with Positive Behavior Supports
Transforming School Culture with PBS_Manning Oaks ES_Shrum