Parents as Detailers for Early Screening

Center for Leadership in Disability is partnering with Parent to Parent of Georgia and the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs on “Parents as Detailers for Learn the Signs. Act Early.” The goal for this project is to increase awareness of the importance of early screening and referral, provide educational materials for distribution to families, and improve understanding of Babies Can’t Wait – Georgia’s early intervention system. Approximately 7 racially and ethnically diverse parents of children or youth with disabilities are recruited to serve as “Parent Detailers,” and will travel to physicians’ offices across the state of Georgia to deliver educational sessions for physicians on the importance of early screening and referral.


Those physicians and staff completing the educational session will be equipped to tailor their screening/referral practices to the organizational needs of Georgia primary care practices, based on their current approaches to screening and referral of children. The long-term objectives for this project include increasing the early identification of developmental delays, increasing physician referrals to early intervention services, and ultimately, improving the lives of children with developmental disabilities and their families.