Youth Leadership Evaluation Research

Background: CLD faculty and staff have undertaken a program evaluation project to assess the effects of an inclusive youth leadership program in Georgia. The high school based program, currently implemented in over 10 school systems across the state, was founded on the belief that a student’s ability to make important life decisions for the future must begin by high school.


Evaluation Focus: The evaluation team seeks to better understand the effects that participation in this program has on student outcomes, such as attendance, dropout, and graduation rates, and behavior and interest in school. The team also measures changes in the quality of student friendships, quality of student-teacher relationships, and students’ self-determination and leadership skills brought about through program participation. Finally, the team uses this information, as well as survey and interview data from parents, teachers, and school administrators, to paint a better picture of how the program impacts the lives of youth who are involved, and to make recommendations to program stakeholders about how to increase the fidelity of implementation across programs and the sustainability of the program over time.