Family Mentor Program


The focus of the Georgia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities (GaLEND) Program’s Family Mentoring Program is to provide trainees with the opportunity to learn directly from people with disabilities and their family members. Trainees visit with families in their homes to learn what their lives are really like. The goal is that the trainees will develop an increased understanding not just of daily challenges, but also about the strengths, gifts, joys and priorities. Through the sharing in different family activities, the trainees will be introduced to various service delivery systems and be given the opportunity to examine how they respond to individual and family needs and perspectives.

A cadre of knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate families makes this component of the GaLEND experience possible. Each family paired with a GaLEND trainee or fellow who shares their life throughout the program year. Trainees are invited to accompany their mentoring families at their homes, religious communities, medical settings, schools, jobs and recreational programs. This experience helps  shape the professional and advocacy leadership roles that trainees and fellows are positioned to take later in their careers.