2013-2014 Systems of Care Project

GaLEND  Systems of Care Project : Children and Youth with dual diagnoses of Developmental Disability and Behavioral Health(DD/BH) – Creating an integrated system of care.  Where are we in Georgia?



Children under 18 with dual diagnoses (DD/BH) and their families do not have access in Georgia to the public services that they need in their homes and communities to promote health, academic success, and independence.



The focus of the project is an exploration of Georgia’s current approach to working with children who have both developmental disability and behavioral health diagnoses.

Trainees will gather information from key stakeholders in government and education at the state and local levels, community service providers, advocacy organizations and families who are impacted by this dilemma.



Compile a comprehensive list of definitions and eligibility criteria for children who have both DD/BH.

Collect data surrounding these definitions on the prevalence of children with a dual diagnoses.

Analyze federal, state and local level policy.

Summarize the research on best practices, emerging trends and interdisciplinary frameworks for serving and supporting children with dual diagnoses and their families.

Outline the current system of care in Georgia identifying strengths, challenges, and opportunities.



The Executive Summary of the Systems of Care can found by clicking here or visiting http://disability.publichealth.gsu.edu/files/2014/10/Executive-Summary.pdf


The following video is the final presentation of their findings.

Georgia LEND Systems of Care